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SEED Classroom for Teachers

Say goodbye to administrative burdens

Automate your attendance taking and hall pass request processes

SEED Pass to Effieiency.gif

Why Teachers use SEED Classroom

Digital Hall Pass

Historical Hall Pass Utilization

Eliminate Distractions

Automate Tardies

Track time in Class

Remove Administrative Burdens

Flexible for your school's device policy

We understand the diverse technology landscape in schools. Whether you allow students to use cell phones, chromebooks, iPads, other device, or no devices at all, SEED seamlessly adapts.

Cell Phones

For schools embracing student cell phones, SEED Classroom provides a convenient solution without having to download an app.

ID Cards

For classes without devices available for students, teachers can utilize Kiosk Mode on a dedicated device in the classroom for students to scan in and out of using their ID Cards.

School Issued Devices

In environments where phones are not permitted, SEED effortlessly integrates with school-issued chromebooks, iPads, or any other authorized devices.

Promote real world accountability

Eliminate Disruptions

Focus on teaching, and less on administrative burdens. Attendance is automated for you and students are approved for passes without interrupting your lesson.

Effortless Insights

View students' efficiency reports to understand how much time they have spent in your class for the year.


Enable your students to take ownership of the amount of time they spend in and out of your classroom.


Always be on the same page with your students, administrators, and parents when it comes to hall pass utilization and attendance records.

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Limited Time!

Founders Club

For a limited time, all teachers that sign up for a free account will also join the Founders Club! This is a unique opportunity to communicate directly with our founders and influence the product roadmap for your school!


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