How to keep students engaged in a virtual classroom

At this point, schools have already made the big decision. Teachers are either being told to hold class virtually, or post a lesson with an assignment for students to spend their time working on, and submit later for a grade. Either way, schools are implementing a new process that has never been tested in their learning environment before.

Virtual Classroom Solutions

With this being the case, we have seen a number of companies step up and offer their services to help these schools in need. Some of the most well-known players in this space have been Zoom & Google Hangouts. The large majority of K-12 schools that have decided to go in the direction of holding class virtually have taken advantage of these free services.

While the option to hold class virtually has accomplished the goal of recreating the classroom setting in the best way it can, it is extremely difficult to match the level of engagement that can be captured in a physical classroom. Prior to moving classes to a fully remote setting, it was difficult enough to keep students focused during lessons, especially when all of the students have cell phones. Most schools have a policy in place that prevents the use of these devices during the school day. These same policies that are meant to improve engagement levels throughout the school day are ineffective on their own in this new environment.

Eliminate Distractions and Keep Students Engaged

SEED Classroom is not only a great way to make sure students are not distracted by their cell phones, but also a great way to deliver content to keep them engaged during the period. If a student leaves that app at any point during the class, the teacher will be made aware of it. At the end of the period, the teacher can check their engagement dashboard in SEED to see exactly how much time each student was distracted by their phone. SEED is also able to provide the teacher with an engagement percentage for each student that can be used towards their daily participation grade. SEED is currently offering their app to schools for free for the rest of the school year. To see how SEED effortlessly integrates into lessons, schedule a demo today!

Posting Engaging lessons

For those who are going in the other direction, it can become difficult to connect with the students without meeting virtually. A great second option in that case would be to record a lesson that the students can watch and later complete any required assignments. One resource that can come in handy in these environments is a software called Loom. This tool allows you to record and mark up your screen while also recording a video of you speaking. This is also a great way to save time when trying to explain an assignment to students. Instead of writing it all out, you can record an instructional video in a matter of minutes. If you are interested in learning more about how to take advantage of this tool, there is a great article on how use loom in an educational environment.