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Pilot Program

The pilot program was designed to allow schools to take advantage of SEED Classroom's hallway management software at a discounted price in exchange for feedback that can help our team continue to improve our products. With SEED Classroom being made by a teacher, for teachers, we've learned that direct teacher feedback is the best way to stay innovative.  We're excited to have you on our journey in fulfilling our mission to empower students to be the driving force behind educational data that increases efficiency in schools nationwide. 


Our goal is to align with your school's needs in creating a data- driven environment for teachers, students, and administrators. 

Pilot Size

Our pilot program can be used school- wide to best leverage consistent and accurate data, while simultaneously teaching students real world accountability.  

Training and Service

Our training resources allow your school to take advantage of SEED starting on Day 1. 

Program Duration

Our pilot programs last for 30 days.


Your school can expect to start piloting SEED Classroom in as little as 1 week from signing up, with little to no lift from your IT team. 


We want to have an open dialog with your teachers and admin team. All feedback is highly encouraged and your team will even be able to message the founders in real time through our support page.

Start your school's pilot today!

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