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Hall Passes & Attendance

Increasing efficiency for teachers & administration while providing actionable data in real time

Automate Attendance

Without having to wait for teachers to submit attendance, parents and administration know when students arrive to class in real time.


Students don't have any reason to interrupt the class. Their pass will automatically be approved when it's their turn.

Social Distancing

Schools have all of the tools necessary to follow social distancing guidelines put into place by their state. 


Reporting that allows administrators to know in real time the whereabouts of each student, and whether or not they have a pass

Put Your Data to Work For Your School

SEED combines attendance and hall pass records to provide administration with actionable reports on student behavior


Gone are the days of having to submit attendance and manage pass requests. Students sign themselves in at the beginning of class, and their pass requests get approved automatically without any interruptions. Just focus on what you do best. Teaching! 


Attendance records are captured in real time and accurate down to the second. Pass location can have limits, and a you can view a live list of all students in the hallway. Administrators finally have the insights they need to determine the safety of their students.


Know in real-time when your child has or has not arrived to class. Receive insights on the amount of time they are spending in the classroom.


See when a pass is available and request to use it without having to interrupt your teacher. You will be notified as soon as it has been approved.

Ready to Save Time?

Get your school signed up today for 30 free days. No payment information required.

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